Sunday, January 09, 2005

Thanks for the Butter

The Sunday night meeting was made memorable for what happened BEFORE we got started.

Several of the teenagers thought it would be funny if they ganged-up and "over-applied" shaving cream on one of the unsuspecting members. When this member of GTS walked in, he was met with an onslaught of Gillette shaving cream.

After the youths cleaned up, the incident was blamed on Bro. Robb, who was lured outside and attacked with partially melted butter. In what can only be described as a serious mis-use of Parkay, Bro. Robb was...uh...buttered up for the evening.

Later on, Bro. Robb taught us that through the Bible, God had used several events to show us just how much we really need the Lord. All of these particular events occurred on a mountaintop.

He reminded the youth that our annual Youth Evangelism Conference is one of the "mountaintops" in our lives that God uses to help us in our relationship with Him. The things we get on the mountaintop often help us when we are in the valley.



YOUTHQUAKE Lock-in: March 3

Y.E.C.: March 4-5


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