Friday, January 21, 2005

Permission Slip for YEC

2005 Youth Evangelism Conference
It’s time for YEC in Murfreesboro once again! The date this year is March 4 & 5. The total cost this year for each youth and sponsor will be as follows:

$20 for YEC Registration DUE SUNDAY FEBRUARY 20
$20 for hotel fee DUE SUNDAY FEBRUARY 27
$20 to $30 for spending money (Meals, souvenirs, etc.)
$60 to $70 total

The registration fee ($20) needs to be turned in to Bro. John or Bro. Robb by SUNDAY FEBRUARY 20.

We are asking for some important information from you. Just fill in the form below and turn it in with the $20 Registration fee. Simple!

There will be four youths to a room with one sponsor. List your choices and we will try to honor them, but NO GUARANTEES.

Your name_______________________________

Your choice of sponsor_______________________

The three lucky roomates 1.______________________




Your name________________________________________Age____________Birthday_______________
Parent’s name______________________________________Phone Number________________________
Emergency contact person_______________________________Phone number______________________
Medical Insurance Company________________________________ Policy #________________________
Are you currently taking any medications?__________ If yes, then please list them below:

Are you allergic to any medicines, food, or dyes? ___________
If yes please name them:_____________________________________________________________
I do hereby grant permission for _______________________________________(child’sname) to attend the 2005 Youth Evangelism Conference in Murfreesboro, TN. Permission is also granted for him/her to be given emergency medical services if needed.



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