Friday, January 21, 2005

Important Info for 2005 YEC


Pray for this trip for God’s protection and His help at all times.

Be sure to bring your Bible.

A Pre-Registration fee of $20.00 IS DUE BY SUNDAY FEBRUARY 20

When we arrive at the auditorium, Bro. Robb will take those who haven’t pre-registered to the Registration Desk to get their wristbands, where we will wait in long lines to get them. Turn your money in on time to avoid this. You cannot enter the building without a wristband!

The hotel fee for this year will be $20. This will be due by February 27.

It is recommended that you bring about $20-30 for spending money. The church is not responsible for money that is lost, so keep it safe!

Bring only ONE SMALL BAG because of the limited space in the vans. You will only need ONE CHANGE OF CLOTHES. Dress code is casual for the whole weekend (blue jeans, t-shirts, etc.) Since the weather in Murfreesboro is unpredictable, bringing a coat may be necessary.


Bring only medicine prescribed by your doctor.

Radios and cd or tape players are permitted, but only if headphones are used.

You are to stay with your sponsor AT ALL TIMES.

REMEMBER: We are representing Jesus and East Acres Baptist Church. Be a good example for both in your conduct and attitude. If your behavior is out of control, Bro. Robb will contact your parents, and then discuss your misbehavior with your parents when we return.

If you want to call home, USE ONLY A PAY PHONE and use 1-800-CALL ATT. It’s free for you and cheap for them!

Permission Slip for YEC

2005 Youth Evangelism Conference
It’s time for YEC in Murfreesboro once again! The date this year is March 4 & 5. The total cost this year for each youth and sponsor will be as follows:

$20 for YEC Registration DUE SUNDAY FEBRUARY 20
$20 for hotel fee DUE SUNDAY FEBRUARY 27
$20 to $30 for spending money (Meals, souvenirs, etc.)
$60 to $70 total

The registration fee ($20) needs to be turned in to Bro. John or Bro. Robb by SUNDAY FEBRUARY 20.

We are asking for some important information from you. Just fill in the form below and turn it in with the $20 Registration fee. Simple!

There will be four youths to a room with one sponsor. List your choices and we will try to honor them, but NO GUARANTEES.

Your name_______________________________

Your choice of sponsor_______________________

The three lucky roomates 1.______________________




Your name________________________________________Age____________Birthday_______________
Parent’s name______________________________________Phone Number________________________
Emergency contact person_______________________________Phone number______________________
Medical Insurance Company________________________________ Policy #________________________
Are you currently taking any medications?__________ If yes, then please list them below:

Are you allergic to any medicines, food, or dyes? ___________
If yes please name them:_____________________________________________________________
I do hereby grant permission for _______________________________________(child’sname) to attend the 2005 Youth Evangelism Conference in Murfreesboro, TN. Permission is also granted for him/her to be given emergency medical services if needed.


Thursday, January 13, 2005

Check Out This Link

If you have friends that have doubts about Creation, here is a link that you can point them to:

This is a Christian site that provides well-researched answers to tough questions about how this world was created.

I'll have more links like this in the future.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Thanks for the Butter

The Sunday night meeting was made memorable for what happened BEFORE we got started.

Several of the teenagers thought it would be funny if they ganged-up and "over-applied" shaving cream on one of the unsuspecting members. When this member of GTS walked in, he was met with an onslaught of Gillette shaving cream.

After the youths cleaned up, the incident was blamed on Bro. Robb, who was lured outside and attacked with partially melted butter. In what can only be described as a serious mis-use of Parkay, Bro. Robb was...uh...buttered up for the evening.

Later on, Bro. Robb taught us that through the Bible, God had used several events to show us just how much we really need the Lord. All of these particular events occurred on a mountaintop.

He reminded the youth that our annual Youth Evangelism Conference is one of the "mountaintops" in our lives that God uses to help us in our relationship with Him. The things we get on the mountaintop often help us when we are in the valley.



YOUTHQUAKE Lock-in: March 3

Y.E.C.: March 4-5

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Godspeed, My Brother

Obituary: Robert Edward Pike
This past Thursday January 6, my brother-in-law, Robert Pike died of heart failure in his home in Millington, Tennessee. He was 32.
Robert had always been involved in youth work to some extent his entire life. At his church in Oklahoma, he was part of a large youth group and played an active role in witnessing and youth games and activities.
About two years ago, Robert came to me and told me of how he felt God wanted him to help with GTS. I found quickly that he was always ready to teach when I could not be there. He brought a unique perspective to table, and I was happy to have his input. He had a straight-forward style that some thought was abrasive at times. But soon they discovered that what he lacked in eloquence, he more than made up for in love.
He had a long battle with diabetes since his teenage years. The struggle seemed to define his life, because he refused to let it beat him spiritually. Even though it claimed his life in the end, his spirit and strength-of-will live on.
He is survived by his wife, Robin, and his five year old son, Adam Dalton Pike.
Funeral services were held at Bartlett Funeral Home at 1:00pm today.
Godspeed, my Brother.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

2005: GTS Reloaded

The Year Everything Changes

Sometimes, God likes to shake things up.

Whether it’s a minor incident, or a major tragedy, God wants us to see the difference between what CAN be shaken and what CANNOT be shaken.

Sometimes it’s a matter of just simply doing something different. Other times, God wants to see a TRANSFORMATION in our lives.

This is exactly what the Apostle Paul tells us in Romans 12:2 " and be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…"

In the coming year, God’s Teen Squad will be undergoing a transformation. We like to call it:

Everything from the carpet up will be upgraded, and there is so much to look forward to:

The annual "YouthQuake" Lock-in will be held on Thursday March 3

Youth Evangelism Conference is March 4-5 at the Murphy Center in Murfreesboro.

The most intriguing visitor contest in the history of GTS.

A refreshing approach to our Youth Services
The Road to YEC begins Sunday January 9, 2005.
We look forward to seeing you there!